What is Mediation?

Mediation is a form of Alternate Dispute Resolution.

Mediation is the attempt to settle a dispute/controversy by utilizing an independent neutral person (called a Mediator) to interact with the disputing parties in order to help them reach settlement of their disagreement.

The objective of the mediator is to find points upon which the parties can agree and then to reach a settlement, resulting in a fair result for both parties.

Mediation has become a common method employed by clients to try to resolve many types of disputes and legal issues for personal, business, financial, contract and civil damage cases. If settlement is at least a remote possibility, Mediation can bring the parties together.

Mediation is not binding on the parties unless and until an agreement is signed by the parties and usually is filed with the court (if litigation was already started).

Why use Mediation?

When Mediation is successful, it can save huge sums of money, even if it does not always result in a settlement. Litigation is expensive. For instance, taking a personal injury case all the way to trial can easily cost $100,000 or more. On the other hand, the parties can pay a mediator an hourly fee, with a very real chance that the case will be resolved by the end of the day. Professional mediator’s fees are much less than the financial cost of court filings and paying attorney fees to fight the matter out in court and may achieve a mutual settlement and an end to anxiety.

Mediation is fair and impartial. Mediators are skilled in listening to the evidence and helping the parties come to understand each other’s viewpoint regarding the controversy. The mediator’s role is not to reach a decision – it is to help the parties reach their own decision.

Mediation is confidential. The information disclosed during mediation is not revealed to anyone (unless permitted by the parties).

Mediation allows personalized solutions after resolving all issues important to the parties, not just the underlying legal disputes.

Finally, mediation works. In the majority of cases, mediation services and assists the parties in reaching a full or partial settlement.

Who Benefits from Mediation?

● Neighboring parties regarding various disputes (such as real property disputes)

● Landlord/Tenants

● Employees and supervisors (such as wrongful termination claims)

● Work and/or employee teams

● Business owners and customers

● Divorcing couples

● Parents developing visitation rights and/or parenting plans

● Parents and teens

● The elderly and their family involving elder care

● Families (involving family disputes and/or probate matters)

Choosing the Right Mediator

The ability to apply new and creative methods for resolving disputes are the benefits of a professionally trained mediator. Linda G. Anderson is neutral, objective, competent, and skilled in mediation methods. She is on the Michigan Mediation Tribunal list of Court approved mediators. Her 20 plus years of legal experience, business acumen and subject matter expertise in numerous fields along with her interpersonal skills make her the perfect choice to be your Mediator.


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